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Custom Windows


Perhaps you’ve noticed that crack in your window but you haven’t gotten it fixed yet. Sure, you could purchase caulk at your local home improvement store to temporarily fix it, but is that the most appealing solution there is available? No.


Complete Efficiency Services offers a variety of custom windows that will keep your home energy efficient, add beauty to your home’s interior and exterior, as well as protect you from the elements. Did we mention that your custom windows will also help you save on energy costs? Here are a few of the custom window options we have available:


Solar Screens
Solar Screens are one of the most cost effective and energy efficient ways to reduce the effects of the Sun’s expensive radiant heat build-up in your home and damaging UV rays. By keeping your home cooler in the summer your air conditioner will not work as hard to cool your home, in turn extending the life of your air conditioner. New solar screens professionally installed on your home can have a great return on your investment as opposed to many other energy efficient home improvements.


Storm Windows
Storm Windows are mounted either inside or outside your current windows. They have a dual purpose, protecting your home from inclement weather and increasing your home's energy efficiency! Storm windows can be made of rigid plastic panels, flexible plastic sheets and can be either permanent or temporary. Contact Complete Efficiency Services to protect your home today!


Custom Windows
Custom windows are a popular alternative to standard windows, especially if you have irregular window openings or want to make your home more energy efficient. Custom windows generally have an irregular size and must be made separately from standard windows. Custom windows are made so that they fit into your house perfectly. Unless you are trained in the field, you should hire an expert to measure and order your windows. One tiny mistake could lead to windows that do not fit in your home! If custom windows are not installed correctly, they could leak air or water. In order to have the most energy efficient windows and professional installation, call Complete Efficiency Services today!


Window Repair Services
Needing a window repair can seem obvious if the glass is broken. However, there are many other reasons to need a window replaced. We repair window locks, window leaks, and window sashes. If you have an old home, your current windows may not be the most energy efficient. Complete Efficiency Services is happy to come repair your windows today!


Door Installation
Doors provide not only an entryway, but a first impression of a room or a home. Our professionals at Complete Efficiency Services are happy to install a new door for you home! We will measure and install a door that fits perfectly into your home.
Choose from our wide selection and find something that you’ll love!


Our custom windows are perfect for any commercial or residential property!




Complete Efficiency Services Inc. is staffed with professionals that have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our main goal is to make your home more energy efficient by offering services and repairs to your roof, air conditioning and heating systems, windows, and insulation.

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